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Humic Acid
Refined Potassium Humate
Product introduction
Product Details I. Product introduce Potassium humate is a highly efficient organic fertilizer, because the humic acid is a kind of bioactive agents, improve the content of available potassium in soil, reduce the loss of potassium and fixed
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Product description

Product Details

I.    Product introduce

Potassium humate is a highly efficient organic fertilizer, because the humic acid is a kind of bioactive agents, improve the content of available potassium in soil, reduce the loss of potassium and fixed, increasing the crop of potassium absorption and utilization, also has improved soil, promote crop growth and increase for anti adversity ability, improve the quality of crops, agricultural ecological environment protection etc.; it with urea, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, trace elements, such as mixing, made the function of high efficient compound fertilizer; in addition, potassium humate also can be used as oil drilling fluid treating agent, mainly from the role to prevent the collapse of well wall.

II.    Main performance
Properties: potassium humate is a non-homogeneous polymer aromatic hydroxy carboxylic salt, the appearance of black powder, soluble in water, alkaline, converted to humic acid colloid in acidic solution.  III.   Key  Indicators

Water-solubility (dry basis) 80% Min 95% Min 75% Min 95% Min 95% Min
                Content of Humic Acid (dry basis)               45-55% 55% Min 60% Min 65% Min 68% Min
Moisture                      15% Max               15% Max                15% Max              15% Max                15% Max            
K2O (dry basis) 7% Min               8%   或10% Min               10% Min                 8% 或10% Min               10% Min
PH Value 9-10 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11

2. Granule:

Water-solubility (dry basis) 80% Min 75% Min 95% Min
                     Content of Humic Acid (dry basis)                    45-55% 60% Min 68% Min
Moisture                 15% Max                              15% Max                               15% Max                
K2O (dry basis) 8% Min 10% Min 10% Min
PH Value 9-10 9-11  

3. Flake:

Water-solubility(dry basis) 95% Min 95% Min
                            Content of Humic Acid(dry basis)                       55% Min 65% Min
Moisture 15% Max 15% Max
K2O (dry basis)                          8% Min or 10% Min                                                      8% Min or 10% Min                             
PH Value 9-11 9-11
Size 40mesh, 60mesh, 2-4mm

4. Refined potassium humate:

Water-solubility (dry basis) 95% Min
                      Content of Humic Acid (dry basis)                                           75% Min                          
Moisture 15% Max
K2O (dry basis) 12% Min
PH Value 9.0-10.0
Particle Size 0.1-1.5mm 95%Min

IV.   Main Usage

1.     As the organic fertilizer plants

With potassium humate solution spraying, soaking, soaking the root, or with other compound fertilizer application, improve plant K content and K uptake, reduce chemical fertilizer legacy adverse effects of anions in soil on Soil and crops, and improve the quality of agricultural products.
Humic acid fertilizer can be used as organic fertilizer applied directly into the soil, but also as an alternative inorganic potassium chloride potassium fertilizer, potassium humate application not only can be the effective absorption of crops to potassium, but also increase the content of soil available potassium, reduce the capacity of clayey soil potassium fixation, and absorption and accumulation of potassium ions, prevent in sandy soil and leaching in soil with the water loss. HA-K for vegetables, fruit, tobacco and other economic crops have good effects on increasing production.


2.     As a major component of organic inorganic liquid fertilizer

Use this kind of liquid fertilizer can increase crop uptake of fertilizer utilization, increase crop yield, improve crop quality; due to the physiological effect of humic acid, the crop of vitamin and sugar content increased 5-7%, and improve the disease resistance of crops, reduce pesticide use, humic acid fertilizer can effectively improve soil physicochemical properties, increase soil water retention and air permeability. It is the preferred green fertilizer humic acid liquid fertilizer for ecological agriculture at present. The application of such fertilizer, vegetable crops increased by 25-40%.

3.     And nitrogen, phosphorus into humic acid organic inorganic compound fertilizer

4.     With other inorganic fertilizer preparation solid salt fertilization

5.     In the industry can be used as oil drilling fluid anti collapse agent, ion exchanger, waste water treatment agent, heavy metal adsorbent, etc.

V.    Packaging And Storage

25KG net plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag. The powder products should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, this product is non-toxic and non flammable, storage to rain, moisture.

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