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Humic Acid
Sodium Humate Feed additive supplement
Product introduction
Product Details I. Product Information Humic acid sodium is with weathered coal and peat and lignite as raw material through special processing is made of a with a variety of functional macromolecular organic weak acid sodium salt, and its
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Product description

Product Details

I.     Product Information

Humic acid sodium is with weathered coal and peat and lignite as raw material through special processing is made of a with a variety of functional macromolecular organic weak acid sodium salt, and its structure is complicated, the humic acid molecules known containing benzene ring, fused ring and some heterocyclic (such as pyrrole, furan, indole, etc.), between the aromatic rings connected to the key bridge, aromatic rings with various functional groups, mainly carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl group, and methoxy radicals, quinonyl and so on. Humic acid sodium humic acid stem base content more than 75%, is a production green milk, meat and egg food with good veterinary drugs and feed additives.

II.    Main performance

Properties: humic acid sodium is a non-homogeneous polymer aromatic hydroxy carboxylic acid salt, black powder or granule, soluble in water, alkaline, converted to humic acid colloid in acidic solution.

III.   Key Indicators

(dry basis)
85% Min 95% Min 75% Min 95% Min
Content of humic acid
(dry basis)
50-55% Min 55% Min 60% Min 68% Min
Moisture 15% Max 15% Max 15% Max 15% Max
PH Value 9-10 9-11 9-10 9-10

IV.    Main Usage

1. Plant growth stimulating hormone.
Can promote the growth and development of crops, increase plant physiological metabolism and in vivo enzyme activity, improve the yield and improve the quality of products.

2. Organic carrier for liquid fertilizer.
Will this into aqueous solution, add a variety of nutrition elements and preparation containing N, P, K and supplemented with trace elements of humic acid organic liquid fertilizer can be widely used in vegetables, fruit, tea and other economic crops in soil culture and soilless
Cultivation. Using this kind of fertilizer, improve the crop uptake of fertilizer utilization, increase crop yield, improve crop quality, and improve the disease resistance of crops and reduce pesticide use; humic acid liquid fertilizer can effectively improve soil
physicochemical properties; increasing soil to water and stable, so humic acid liquid fertilizer is the ecological agriculture with the first green fertilizer.


3. Prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests, control of apple tree rot disease.

4. Used as animal feed additive.
In pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock and poultry feed add Na, can promote metabolism, accelerated growth and development, and improve the quality of meat, meat, eggs, milk yield increased and make animal fur shiny, fecal odor reduction, prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, enhance ability of human body disease resistant. HA-Na and urea, veterinary compound feed, the effect is better. Feeding Na can generally make the hog fattening period shorten the 30-50 day, body weight increased by 20% to 30%, lean meat rate increased by 12%, save conventional feed protein 20%; the cows daily milk yield increased by 1-3 times, hen egg production rate increased by 25%, the recovery of diseased chicken rate increased by three times. HA-Na also has a good effect on fish, shrimp, and other aspects of silkworm breeding.

5. For ceramic mud additive
Add Na in the ceramic clay, graphite abrasive materials, ceramic glaze slurry, increase the intensity of the embryo body, reduce the breakage of semi-finished products; improve the plasticity index, easy molding processing; slurry high mud movement.

6. Boiler scale prevention agent and water quality stabilizer.

7. Petroleum and natural gas drilling fluid treatment agent.

8. Other
In dressing agent, briquetting binder, casting sand break powder, fruit rot disease medicament, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory drugs, culture feed yeast, preparing dye and paint, Na has significant application effect.

V.      Packaging And Storage

25KG net plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag. The powder products should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, this product is non-toxic and non flammable, storage to rain, moisture.

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