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potassium nitrate
Potassium Nitrate
Product introduction
Product Details Potassium nitrate is widely used in agricultural markets, and potassium nitrate belongs to binary compound fertilizer. Potassium nitrate is no potassium chloride, nitrogen compound fertilizer, plant nutrient potassium, nitro
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Product description

Product Details


Potassium nitrate is widely used in agricultural markets, and potassium nitrate belongs to binary compound fertilizer. Potassium nitrate is no potassium chloride, nitrogen compound fertilizer, plant nutrient potassium, nitrogen total content of up to 50%, with good physical and chemical properties. Potassium nitrate applied to tobacco with high fertilizer efficiency, easy to absorb, promote early seedling, increase tobacco production, to improve the quality of tobacco has an important role.

Name: Potassium nitrate
Molecular formula: KNO3
CASNo .: 7757-79-1
EINECSNo .: 231-818-8
HScode: 283421
made in China
Level: 1st grade
Appearance: colorless transparent prismatic crystal or powder, granules
Packing: Polypropylene woven bag, lined with plastic bag. 25kg / bag

Application areas
1, used as analytical reagents and oxidants, but also for the synthesis and preparation of potassium salt explosives.
2, in the food industry as a coloring agent, color protection agent, anti-microbial agents, preservatives, such as for bacon, in the lunch meat from the anti-corrosion effect.
3, is the manufacture of black powder, such as mine gunpowder, pyre, firecrackers and other raw materials. Also used for fireworks to produce purple sparks. Mechanical heat treatment for quenching salt bath. Ceramic industry for the manufacture of porcelain enamel. Used as a glass clarifier. Used in the manufacture of automotive light bulb, optical glass tube glass and so on. Pharmaceutical industry for the production of penicillin potassium, rifampicin and other drugs. Used for making cigarette paper. Used as a catalyst. Ore dressing agent. Used as a compound fertilizer for crops and flowers.
4, potassium nitrate is also allowed to use the hair color. It is in the meat products due to the role of bacteria and reduced to potassium nitrite and play a role in color protection and antibacterial. Chinese regulations can be used for meat products, the maximum use of 0.5g / kg, the residue should not exceed 0.03g / kg.
5, for the manufacture of fireworks, matches, ceramic glaze, fertilizer and so on.
6, industrial potassium nitrate is also widely used in strengthening the glass production process.


Synthetic method: with potassium hydroxide or potassium carbonate and nitric acid, by evaporation crystallization of potassium nitrate; or potassium hydroxide or potassium carbonate solution to absorb nitric acid production of tail gas and processing to produce potassium nitrate.
Solvent extraction method: 5 ~ 10 ° C, potassium chloride dissolved in the concentration of 60% to 70% nitric acid, with organic solvent extraction, separation of potassium nitrate and hydrochloric acid.
Metathesis method: sodium nitrate and potassium chloride by complex decomposition reaction of potassium nitrate and sodium chloride. They can be separated by their different solubility at different temperatures. This method of industrial applications more, is the main production of industrial potassium nitrate. First sodium nitrate dissolved in hot water, stirring with sodium nitrate: potassium chloride = 100: 85 ingredients than the gradual addition of potassium chloride, concentrated by evaporation, when the temperature is 119 ℃, the crystallization of sodium chloride, The solution and the crystal are subjected to hot filtration to obtain a large amount of sodium chloride crystals, and then the mother liquor after separation of sodium chloride is slowly cooled, and potassium nitrate is precipitated. By filtration, washing and drying that crude product (purity ≥ 85%), and then by recrystallization can be pure and high purity products.
Ion exchange method: the ammonium nitrate solution and potassium chloride solution, respectively, through the cation exchange resin bed. Can be produced separately potassium nitrate and ammonium chloride two products. This method is more applied in industry, is one of the main production methods of industrial potassium nitrate.
Preparation of nitrate: potassium nitrate commonly known as hot nitro or soil nitrate. It is an important raw material for black powder and compound fertilizer. Preparation of potassium nitrate can be used as raw materials of nitrate and ash. Soil organic matter after the corruption, the role of nitrite bacteria and nitric acid bacteria, the formation of nitric acid. Nitrate and soil potassium, sodium, magnesium and other ions combine to form nitrate. Nitrate in the soil is like this. The soil is usually present in the toilet, the pig, the bullpen, the old wall of the courtyard, the cliff, the cave, and the ground that is not easily washed by the rain. Wet soil, not easy to dry, slightly sun after exposure to purple. The good earth is on the sparkling charcoal.
Extraction of potassium nitrate from the soil, the main principle is the use of potassium in the ash to replace the sodium ions in the soil, resulting in potassium nitrate. In addition, the carbonate ash in the carbonate ions and sulfate ions with nitrate in the calcium, magnesium ions combine to produce insoluble salts and precipitation, thereby removing calcium, magnesium and other impurities. The main reaction is
Ca (NO₃) ₂ + K₂SO₄ = 2KNO₃ + CaSO₄ ↓
Ca (NO₃) ₂ + K₂CO₃ = 2KNO₃ + CaCO₃ ↓
Mg (NO₃) ₂ + K₂CO₃ = 2KNO₃ + MgCO₃ ↓
Nitrate itself also contains potassium nitrate, and finally the use of various salt solubility differences, control the temperature and concentration, so that potassium nitrate from the mixture of crystallization.

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